“Balen Shah will sure loose the election” say Keshav Sthapit

Balen Shah is over confident. True. But, so is Keshab Sthapit.
Mr. Sthapit is confident trusting the party power. Whereas Mr. Shah is confident trusting the power of the people and the quest for change.
This time, Balen needs to win. For our own good, and for the generations to come. Balen’s win will pave way for younger generations to actively participate and design the change that we’ve been needing.
UML, Congress, Maoist are good for revolution. That’s where their target ends. For development, we need alternatives. For now, Balen is the finest alternative to initiate change.

Kathmandu should vote for Balen.
#VoteForBalen #BalenForMayor Balen Balen Shah